Puyuelo, a small town in the Spanish Pyrenees, was abandoned in the 1960s. Now, four young people from different parts of Europe are trying to bring it back to life.


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Original title: Puyuelo

International title: Puyuelo

Country of production: Spain

Year of production: 2022

Duration: 24’58”

Gender: Documentary / Social

Format: 1:85

Color: Color

Sound: Stereo

Original version: Castilian

Subtitled versions: English, Spanish


Data sheet

Address: Sara Sarrablo

Script: Sara Sarrablo

Executive production: Sara Sarrablo

Delegated production: Rubén Seca, Carles Isern

Co-production: Two Minds films

Production direction: José Alfredo León

Direction of photography: Victor Blanes

Sound design: Luisa Fernanda

Direct sound: John Sebastian

Mounting: Dani Triguero

Color: Marc Insa (Redfileds)

Music: The Boltaña round – Blackberry jam (2001), The bitter threshing (2007).

Distribution: Selected Films

Artistic File

Storyteller – Pablo Jamsen

Ramon Buisán Giral

Miguel Garces Muro

James Sweetlove

Felix Garbe

Mortiz Garbe

The invisible faces

Festivals and awards


  • Almunia Film Festival – Future in Action Award


  • Muntanya de Torelló Film Festival

  • CONOFEST – International (Short) Film Festival

  • Aguilar de Campoo Short Film Festival

  • International Documentary Film Festival · Pampa Docfest

  • Trento Film Festival

  • Almunia Film Festival

  • Fugaz Awards

  • Cervera Rural and Mountain Film Festival

  • Bannabafest

  • Oyola Fabián Documentary Film Festival

  • RURAL Film and Short Film Festival

  • Festival Directed by Women

  • Castilla La Mancha Social Cinema Festival – FECISO

  • Guadalajara Solidarity Cinema Festival – FESCIGU

  • Rellisquín Festival – Shorts

  • Shows Women on Stage

  • Kin Womens Film Festival – Shorts


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