In Japan, one of the most neoliberal countries on the planet, they have found the perfect formula to reduce pensions and unemployment in general: create a figure of a worker who spends the entire day on his feet protecting the cones.


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Original title: The cone man

International title: cone man

Country of production: Spain

Year of production: 2019

Duration: 3’33”

Gender: Documentary / Comedy

Format: 1:85

Color: Color

Sound: Stereo

Original version: Castilian

Subtitled versions: English

The cone man

Data sheet

Address: Ruben Seca

Script: Ruben Seca

Producer: Ruben Seca

Direction of photography: Ruben Seca

Mounting: Ruben Seca

Original music: Joan Gómez Alemany

Artistic File

Storyteller – Sergi García Lorente

The cone man

Festivals and awards


  • Notodofilmfest 2020

  • Filmserè – Florida International Curtmetratges Festival

  • Daroca Prison Film Fest

  • Most Festival – International Film Festival of Vi

  • Soria International Film Festival

  • International Open Screen Short Video Meeting

  • Arrigorriaga short comedy festival (humor in short films)

  • ABC Ibero-American Short Film Festival – FIBABC

  • Social and Community Cinema Show in the Neighborhoods

  • Stuttgart Film Winter – International Short Film Competition

  • Formentera Film


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