The construction of a bioclimatic house integrated into the urban area is the vital project of the Catalan inventor Edu Sentis. The challenge is to achieve a practically self-sustaining home that leaves the minimum ecological footprint after its life, thinking about future generations. A project that brings together a handful of inventions, experiences, travel knowledge and many questions that are answered during this construction.


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Original title: The Pisoft project

International title: The Pisoft project

Country of production: Spain

Year of production: 2023

Duration: 95′

Gender: Documentary / Social

Format: 1:85

Color: Color

Sound: Dolby Stereo

Original version: Catalan

Subtitled versions: Castilian

The Pisoft project

Data sheet

Address: Ruben Seca

Script: Ruben Seca

Mounting: Victor Baths

Artistic File

Protagonist – Edu Sentis

The invisible faces

Festivals and awards


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