A poetic journey that, through visual stimuli, creates parallel connections between the birth of a woman, the birth of a cow and nature. The director's perceptions invite us to remember that beyond every way of life and every difference, there is an undoubted meeting point.


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Original title: The Kudrat Trail

International title: The path of Kudrat

Country of production: Spain

Year of production: 2023

Duration: 16’10”

Gender: Experimental / Creative

Format: 1:85

Color: Color

Sound: Dolby Stereo

Original version: Spanish

Subtitled versions: English

The Kudrat Trail

Data sheet

Address: Isabel Fres Osman

Script: Isabel Fres Osman

Executive production: Isabel Fres Osman, Rubén Seca

Production direction: 

Direction of photography: Alba Escalon, Neil Murphy Miguel, Roi Carvajal, Jiajiun Yieks

Sound design: Lucas Mathias

Mounting: Dani Triguero Puchades, Isabel Fres Osman

Color: Sonia Marill

Music: Antonio Mazzei, Carlos Falanga

Artistic File

Voice-over – Isabel Fres Osman

Martha Nieto 

Nico Gene Palomino

Goar Palomino

Sara Bozicevich

The invisible faces

Festivals and awards


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