From moving images to the birth of the seventh art. From celluloid to digital cinema in our hands. A brief tour of the history of cinema.


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Original title: The pressures of the light

International title: Imprints of light

Country of production: Spain

Year of production: 2022

Duration: 3’43”

Gender: Documentary / Social


Color: black and white

Sound: Stereo

Original version: Catalan

Subtitled versions: English, Spanish

The pressures of the light

Data sheet

Address: Ruben Seca

Script: Ruben Seca

Executive production: Toni Espinosa, Ruben Seca

Direction of photography: Ruben Seca

Mounting: Ruben Seca

Color: Sonia Marill

Credits: Patricia Gomez

Design: Eva Mutter

Original music: Anaid Tanović Rovčanin

Distribution: MMS – Short film distribution

Artistic File

Storyteller Sergi García Lorente

Spectator – Sara Bozicevich

Viewer – Ruben Seca

projectionist – Toni Espinosa

The invisible faces

Festivals and awards


  • Audiovisual Festival of Young Creators of the Pyrenees, ULL NU. Millor Direction (Access)


  • Salas de los Infantes Short Film Contest

  • Castellitx Premis of Curtmetratges in Català

  • Decortoán Joven Short Film Contest

  • Audiovisual Festival of Young Creators of the Pyrenees, ULL NU

  • FICIE – Elche International Independent Film Festival

  • Carabanchel Short Film Festival

  • Picknic Film Festival

  • International Film Festival 

  • Ribadedeva in Short-REC

  • Miquel Fàbregues Awards 

  • TERRA GOLLUT film festival 

  • Arouca Film Festival


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