The filmmaker faces the material filmed months ago, after the loss of his grandfather: the transformation and disappearance of a space full of memories.


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Original title: Reminiscence

International title: Reminiscence

Year of production: 2020

Country of production: Spain

Gender: Documentary film

Duration: 3’50”

Format: 1:85

Color: Color; black and white

Sound: Stereo

Original version: No dialogues


Data sheet

Address: Ruben Seca

Script: Ruben Seca
Production: Ruben Seca
Photography: Ruben Seca
Mounting: Ruben Seca
Music: Carles Marigo

Distribution: Distribution with glasses

Artistic File

Protagonist – Josep Carol

Royal estate

Festivals and awards


  • Notodofilmfest: Best documentary short film: RTVE Cámara Abierta 2.0 Award

  • Young Cinema Show of Elx: Best short film

  • Ull Nu – Audiovisual Festival of Andorra: Award for the preservation of Historical Memory

  • Miquel Fàbregues Awards: Special mention for best screenplay

  • Miquel Fàbregues Awards: Special mention for best editing


  • Lebu International Film Festival (Chile) – Parallel section

  • Ciudad Real Short Festival

  • Madrid Young Creators Contest – Madroño Awards 

  • FICMA Salamanca – International short film festival about older people

  • FICC – Cartagena Film Festival

  • Salerno International Cinema Festival

  • Moinho Cine Fest

  • FESTIMATGE – Calella Image Festival


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