Two young parkour athletes embark on an adventure to Santorini to jump across this paradise of white and blue rooftops, showing the essence of this risky sport and an exciting way of life.


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Original title: Santorini, the parkour paradise

International title: 

Country of production: Spain

Year of production: 2023

Duration: 19’57”

Gender: Sports

Format: 1:78

Color: Color

Sound: Dolby Stereo

Original version: Catalan

Subtitled versions: English, Spanish

Santorini, the parkour paradise

Data sheet

Address: Biel Macia

Script: Biel Macia

Executive production: Biel Macià, Rubén Seca

Direction of photography: Biel Macia

Sound design: Biel Macia

Mounting: Biel Macia

Distribution: MMS – Short film distribution

Artistic File

Biel Macia

David Escobar

The invisible faces

Festivals and awards


  • Star Film Festival

  • Pop Corn Short Festival

  • Mónfilmat, International Film Festival I Paisatge

  • Andaras Traveling Film Festival

  • Festibaldo, Curtmetratges Festival of the Sant Roc neighborhood 

  • International Film Festival in Català Costa Daurada – FIC-CAT


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