In the heart of a sacred forest, a group of samurai intends to find and capture the daughter of the forest spirit. However, young Shiro is not sure if this is the right path.


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Original title: Shiro

International title: Shiro

Country of production: Spain

Year of production: 2023

Duration: 18’36”

Gender: Fiction/Drama

Format: 1:85

Color: black and white

Sound: Stereo

Original version: Japanese

Subtitled versions: English, Spanish


Data sheet

Address: Arnau Rubio

Script: Arnau Rubio

Executive production: Rubén Seca, Arnau Rubio, Natàlia Parrón, Neil Murphy

Associated producers: Dosmentes films and The Tranquil Eye

Assistant director: Natalia Parrón

Production direction: Natalia Parrón

Direction of photography: Neil Murphy

Artistic direction: Anais Vidal

Sound design: Jose Galbis

Direct sound: Tobias Saied

Locker room: Anna Montull, Irene González

Hair and makeup: Berta Torrecilla

Mounting: Eduardo Sánchez

Color: Marc Insa (Redfields)

Original music: Adria Soler

Distribution: Distribution with Glasses

Artistic File

Shiro – Kazuki Niiya 

Disciple –Alan Takano 

Master Shiro – Motokazu Kawamura 

Teacher –Andy Fukutome 

Deities – Rina Ota, Chihiro Kanaya, Queen Virgil

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