A blood stain on a sheet triggers a great transformation in Tina, an eleven-year-old girl. While spreading the clothes with his mother, he will have to silently face all those unknowns that he thought would never come.


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Original title: You are already a woman

International title: a little woman

Country of production: Spain

Year of production: 2023

Duration: 12’26”

Gender: Fiction/Drama

Format: 1:85

Color: Color

Sound: Stereo

Original version: Catalan

Subtitled versions: English, Spanish

You are already a woman

Data sheet

Address: Estefania Ortiz

Script: Estefania Ortiz

Executive production: Estefanía Ortiz, Rubén Seca, Carles Isern, Víctor Blanes

Co-production: Two Minds films

Assistant director: Arnau Garcia

Production direction: Fiona Redondo

Direction of photography: Victor Blanes

Artistic direction: Anna Moriana

Sound design: Martí V. Baladoch

Direct sound: Mar Almansa

Locker room: Nicoll Rodriguez

Hair and makeup: Raquel Fernandez

Mounting: Dani Triguero, Estefanía Ortiz

Color: Marc Insa (Redfileds)

Distribution: Distribution with Glasses

Artistic File

Tub – Laia Artigas

Mother – Eva de Luis

Grandmother – Montse Ribadellas

The invisible faces

Festivals and awards


  • Young Cinema Show of Elx 

  • Igualgaba film competition

  • Fascurt – Masnou Short Film Festival

  • Elche International Independent Film Festival


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