Pau has not been well for weeks. He pretends to be normal in front of his roommate, but he can't stop thinking about his ex-partner. A chance meeting at the supermarket will give you your last chance to resolve the breakup.


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Original title: I do not see you anymore

International title: I don't see you anymore

Country of production: Spain

Year of production: 2021

Duration: 11’00”

Gender: Fiction/Drama

Format: 4:3

Color: Color

Sound: Stereo

Original version: Catalan

Subtitled versions: English, Spanish

I do not see you anymore

Data sheet

Address: Carles Gómez Alemany

Script: Carles Gómez Alemany

Executive production: Carles Gómez Alemany, Rubén Seca

Assistant director: Alex Macías

Production direction: Albert Masferrer

Direction of photography: Toni Llobet

Artistic direction: Marti Pavia

Sound design: 

Direct sound: Gabriel Cohen

Locker room: Clara Borrull, Paula Velasco

Hair and makeup: Júlia Piñana

Mounting: Marc Algora, Carlos Hernandez

Original music: Nine Inch Nails, Carminha & Dellafuente News

Distribution: Distribution with Glasses

Artistic File

Paul – Francesc Colomer

Maria – Cristina Lopez

Jordi – Nil Casajuana

Couple – Itziar Lember, Àlex Macías

The invisible faces

Festivals and awards


  • Salerno International Cinema Festival

  • Golden Blogos Film and Series Awards

  • ManzanaREC Short Film Festival

  • Sarasota Film Festival

  • Sant Joan d'Alacant Film Festival

  • FIC-CAT – International Film Festival in Català Costa Daurada

  • Ull Nu – Audiovisual Festival of Andorra

  • RiuRau Film Festival

  • K-lidoscopi Short Film Festival


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