EL TRIBUNAL premieres at the Alcances Documentary Film Festival

The documentary short film The court, directed by Carmen Tortosa, and co-produced with Barrios Producciones and Gadol Producciones, will have its world premiere in Alcances Documentary Film Festival, which will be held this October 1, 2023 in Cádiz. It is one of the festivals qualifiers for the Goya Awards.

MORTIS CAUSA candidate for the Goya Awards for Best Short Film

The court is a short documentary film that shows the reality of workers who are on prolonged sick leave or who request a permanent disability assessment; The resolution depends on the opinion of the Medical Court. Undergoing this process is not to anyone's liking, but unfortunately it is usually more common than it seems.

Its director, Carmen Tortosa, worked for many years in this organization, which allowed her as a filmmaker to enter this field with a camera, to portray the reality of her former patients.

MORTIS CAUSA candidate for the Goya Awards for Best Short Film

Distribution is carried out by Selected Films. After its premiere in Alcances, the short film already has a second selection, in the short film festival K-lidoscopi, another qualifying festival for the Goya. We started the national tour strong, which makes us happy.

Here is the trailer for the short film:

The short film has the support of Filmin Granada.



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