LA FILLA DE MA MARE premieres at the Malaga Festival

Our short film La filla de ma mare directed by Carles Gómez Alemany and which we have co-produced with Cornelius Films, will have its world premiere in the official short film section of the Malaga Festival!

The short film was a beneficiary of short film production aid from the ICEC in 2022 and from the ICAA in 2023, and was also a beneficiary of the Malaga Festival Creation Aid in 2022 with its script, and we are very happy that it will compete now at the Festival.

LA FILLA DE MA MARE premieres at the Malaga Festival

The premiere will be on March 2 at 4:00 p.m. in program 1 of short films, at the Albéniz Cinemas, room 2:

The synopsis of the short film is as follows:

Marina, a young Andalusian actress, discovers that her grandmother's Alzheimer's is already very advanced during a visit to her Catalan family. The situation worsens when he sees the humor with which his mother and the others take the illness. Between the coffee after the meal and the grandmother's return to the residence, Marina will have to decide what role she plays within her estranged family and how close she wants her relationship with her mother to be.

LA FILLA DE MA MARE premieres at the Malaga Festival

The main casting is made up of: Luisa Gavasa, Ana Tomeno, Anna Alarcón, Núria Prims, Jordi Rico, Mercè Pons, Mima Riera, Bernat Quintana, Jordi Vilafranca

And the main team of the short film is made up of:

Producers: Mikel Mas Bilbao, Rubén Seca, Patricia Gómez, Begoña Fanés
Executive production: Carlota Darnell Bruguera, Patricia Gómez
Director: Carles Gómez Alemany
Screenplay: Carles Gómez Alemany, David García Ahumada
Photography direction: Toni Llobet
Editing: Carlos Hernández
Production direction: Patricia Gómez
Music: Alba Escalon
Sound: Marta Estivill
Sound design: Cora Delgado
Artistic direction: Eva Prieto
Assistant director: Helena Lobato
Script: Irene Reig

Here is the trailer for the short film:


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